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Visual Inspiration Part Two a.k.a. The Bang Bang Girls Void

April 16, 2010


Formula For Creating

April 16, 2010

This blog has been neglected, I know and sorry folks. I have really been unsure as to what to use this for. Since most of the art I have made can easily be seen on my facebook feed. There are some things I have been working on. But, I am having trouble figuring out what is my next step with them.

This guy is driving me crazy. I drew him, whilst enjoying the film, “Ghost World”. By the way, Daniel Clowes is a brilliant illustrator and constant inspiration. This illustration has really served no purpose to me lately. When I first drew him, I was feeling good about him. But, he is remaining in Limbo. Any suggestions? Next up,

This character is in limbo as well. Don’t feel confident about him. The main problem is that these drawings have been done on this larger scale than my usual 8×11 or moleskine sketchbook. These are for sure more concrete pieces by being drawn on 11×17 bristol paper. My personal feelings are, that unless it’s painted or a screenprinting of my drawings, it’s just a doodle. I don’t really feel like my work is relevant unless it is done on something more solid like wood or canvas. But as I have seen in the galleries at which I linger, these concepts can change. Also some of my Journaling Class work as shown.

Also a reminder to everyone, you can see all my daily doodles volume 2 on my flickr account,