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Amplified Echoes

March 19, 2010

Seriously into music, right now. The weather has been fan-frickin-tastic! Recently purchased some great markers online. Went nuts with them the other day.

Also back to music, absolutely obsessed with garage punk diy sounds. Been listening to a lot of Harlem. I got so inspired listening to them, I ripped a piece of paper of a receipt and started doodling.

This came from it. Then added another bit of style to it with my camera.

Also went to my Journaling class the other day. Enjoyed playing around with transfers. My first transfer was very successful

Probably going to do with this later in time.

My main transfer did not work as well. So I took into consideration the idea of doodling on it, after it ws brilliantly requested and ended up with this.

Also daily doodles are now available in color.


Night Owl

March 11, 2010

Been making a lot of stuff lately. I post most of my stuff on facebook. Usually I am up at such weird hours, that not a lot of people get to see it. So I am reposting on the blog. Also been stepping it up with my Behance account, here is the link to said account.