Happy Thanksgiving!

A shocking development in my life, I organized my room. Many know me as quite the slacker sometimes. I usually never organize anything. Luckily, today was a holiday, so I didn’t have anything else to do.

I had two choices, watch “Community” or

organize my room. So I conquered the messiness, by organizing my books from a dusty box to a bookshelf. I fearlessly conquered, but not without its consequences.

For example battle scars:

As I ventured on, I felt assurance and calmness. And knew, that I have organized my room once again to a higher level of zen. This is the finished bookcase.

To many this may just look like another messy liberal bookcase, with niche junk crammed on it. To me this bookcase is a sign of enlightenment. I have the ability to make more of its utilitarian purpose. I think for the first week of its new residency I will look at it with pride. I will let it bask in its plywood glory. The nimble fingers of (insert third world country here)’s fellow hard working employees have made this possible. Thank you, your hard work will be cherished for ever how long this shall last. Also I have added an additional corkboard to my wall as seen below.

Now my inspiration is just a slight head tilt away. This is indeed a great day. Now to move on to the holiday. Very enjoyable and cool Thanksgiving. I reflect on this day with a feeling of complete calmness. This holiday is something important to what US stands for, Consumerism. The Thanksgiving weekend is one of the most hedonistic holidays around. We all gather together and cram food down our gullet, in remembrance of stealing Better Homes and Gardens tips from the Native Americans. Sorry, I almost fell into some kind of preachy hole (Crisis Averted). But no matter, we eat and nap and then sleep early and rise to the masses of bargain hungry people trampling each other in the hopes of achieving presents for our loved ones and their significant others. This is what makes us American. I notice I am prompted by wordpress to capitalize the word American. That’s almost too AMERICAN. Speaking of shopping, I noticed something weird today. As I dug through the Archives of American Consumerism (a.k.a. Thanksgiving Newspaper Ads) I noticed an ad torn in an unusal manner.

What was the reason for this? This was obviously hand-torn, no smooth paper-cut inducing curves. Through further investigation, I noticed it was indeed a mask, maybe.

I knew my Thanksgiving was complete with my new viral newspaper ad mask. Also, I totally just got a hipster runoff vibe from that photo. Not trying to be a biter of Carles blog set up. It just felt appropriate. Well people another good day another post. Good Evening and Good night.


2 Responses to “Happy Thanksgiving!”

  1. Jerell Mullens Says:

    Boy . . . you just ain’t right. Sounds like you had a good turkey day.

  2. Am Says:

    OMG this post was toooo funny!!! XD
    I love corkboards!!! Yours rocks!!! And that mess of cables on the floor looks dangerous!

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