Changing it up.

I have began this day with an awakening. As I write this, I am resting up from another long night shift. Honestly, this night shift went easy and consistent. I was very fortunate to not have alot of work weighing me down. As always, I listened to my ipod to escape my mind from my surroundings, while my body took care of the physical work. The playlist of the evening was very chill. Since I have a shuffle, I don’t really have control of what plays. This playlist seemed ever more magical by that aspect. So work was easy playlist was transcendent. When the music doesn’t clutter, my mind seems to control itself better. I have thus made a choice to make some changes to my work. I know that now is the time for change and growth. Basically, I am going back to basics. My thoughts on my work these past few years, has been to keep it crazy, weird, and just messy. I thought that by maybe doing this, I would imprint a style that people would dig. At this point, my work has remained under the radar and without notice. I have added hundreds to my flickr and ran around with a portfolio hoping for a bite or reaction in my favor. In my mindset last night I realized that I need to do what the people want to see. This move is completely unlike me at all. Somewhat cringe-worthy almost in the big picture. After three years of being without the job I want, I feel I must do this. Maybe, being what they want will give me the opportunity to be on a distinctive level later on in my career. Finally, this is my opportunity to give one of my last few drawings under this style I have been using lately. If you feel that I should keep it this way let me know.


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