Checked out a couple illustrators and their work recently, I like alot of the stuff I have been seeing. Inspiration has been coming full force as always. I really am trying to find my style and a uniqueness to it all as a whole. Logo design and character design are the two things that have been constantly filling my sketchbooks. I want to create a unique brand, and something people want to buy or trust in for their own branding. Neatness with a hand drawn feel is something I hope I can achieve. As a member of the (Post Generation-X) or 80’s baby, MTV was something that always inspired me as a kid. Summers when school was out, I was drawn to the television for hours watching music videos. The cool effect was something that appealed me and the masses to watch music videos. I loved design and witnessed a ton of it without even knowing it. One of my favorite things about MTV was the ad bumps in between videos. The Head was a show that interested to me intense and extreme ideas created through the simplest hand drawn designs. I couldn’t get enough of the main alien character. MTV also in it’s early transitions to non-music had some great freaky animated shows too. I loved The Maxx. That show was so consistently¬† cool and weird and definitely appealed to me.

Also I was addicted to Nickelodeon and its “Nicktoons”, these cartoons were insane. I loved Rocko’s Modern Life and Ren and Stimpy.

Those two shows were the biggest inspirations to me, I would draw those characters over and over again. I mean seriously who cannot deny this stuff.

I just absolutely loved these shows. These characters were all so brilliant and manic, they made make me want to take all my drawings up to the next level. Every new drawing I would do, I would want to add new detail to each line to make the characters look more gross and weirder. I wish alot of the new cartoons today could match these great works. Something about cartoons today seem lost. For the most part, there are hardly any saturday morning cartoons anymore. The only saturday morning cartoons I ever seen is anime. Don’t get me wrong I think anime is a great art form. As I see more and more anime taking over, I wonder where is the great Americana. Where is this generation’s Betty Boop, Popeye, Spongebob, or Bugs Bunny?


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