Livin’ Visual

I am totally addicted to visual bookmarking. As many people may know, visual bookmarking is websites created with admins who post interesting photos. There are all kinds of gems on these sites like this one. I really like getting ideas from all the inspiration. I could seriously spend all day on these sites. Who can deny finding stuff like this.

Been drawing a little bit more lately.  Most recently have had zombies on the mind. I have drawn a couple this past month. It’s is a lot of fun drawing the decay and wrinkles and grossness that is the undead. I don’t know why but I like drawing weird and gross characters. The fun is seeing how exaggerated I can make my brain-hungry friends look.

This one took a while to draw and color. I tried really hard to be as neat as possible. I wanted to make sure the shading worked and gave the right look for a demensional feel. I simplified my other recent undead artist take. This next drawing was meant for a more edgy hand drawn feel. Do you feel I accomplished that?

Sorry about the gap in blog posting. I am trying to find some sort of focus in my life. Hopefully more posts will come.




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