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Old School T!

May 25, 2009

I know it’s been a while since my most recent posts. I have been busy not just procrastinating my days away. Lately I have been working on some new apparel mock-ups (t-shirt designs). I have trying some new techniques I have picked up over time. Alot the shirt designs have been pretty basic. I have even began participating online with alot of critiquing and inspirational skimming through designs. I have recently been updating my twitter as frequently as I can ( ) Add me on twitter to keep up with my works if you like. Threadless is definitely a great place to get inspirational and ideas as of where apparel design is headed and online design communities are headed. By the way, I have been checking out alot of great sites for design inspiration. There is a really fantastic article on on top 50 artists to follow on twitter. There is alot of potential with adding people from that list on your account. There even break down the member into categories, (i.e. Illustrators, Typography) this is a great way to meet and understand other people and where their ideas come from and take birth. and is another fantastic find online for an immense collection of design, illustration, and photography. Grain Edit has a great article on 17 websites that should be bookmarked on your computer. I am also posting my photos below.