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Zine On The Way (Cover)

February 27, 2009

100_0900I have been constantly working on the new zine. I thought that I was show the cover I finished last night. I tried some new font styles. And other oddities were thrown together.I have constantly attempting to find inspiration in everything lately. It can sometimes be overwhelming looking at all the different styles of illustration. I did find out some cool advice from a friend.  So I have been also updating my flickr account like crazy. I have noticed the strength of tagging photos to get more exposure. I also just finishd a new submission for Fecal Face’s Free Fridayz. I am not sure if this submission will get alot of love this time around, it seemed kinda rushed. But I just wasn’t feeling it. I had drawn numerous rough drafts but, nothing was biting. Finally, I thought of something after watching some cartoons today. I don’t know Misadventures of Flapjack is friggin’ genius and beautiful to look at. But all in all, today was a very constructive day. I hope this zine will get some attention for me and exposure for my work. I really want this to work in a positive way for my career and get me out of the retail world. (fingers crossed)


Super Crispy

February 24, 2009

This week it seems like my brain has been in overdrive! I have been doing some many designs lately. Sometimes, my brain is pretty overwhelmed.  I have been trying to expand my portfolio and I think overall, it is going well. Branding is another thing I’m trying to create. I want to make my designs a brand and style that is unique. My next step with branding is creating a website portfolio and some zines. Now it seems alot easier in my head, but I know these things are going to take time. So for right now all I have is a name for my brand. Soon I will have the details up for everyone to see. Right now I am going to keep building the portfolio. So for right here is a design I made today. friedfood1

New Drawings

February 21, 2009




These past couple of days I have had off from my day job I drew a couple new characters. I have been trying a new style that I adopted from checking out some works by scott mcdonald joel trussel who have really scary creepy yet, cool styles. I highly recommend checking out their work. I saw some animations by Joel Trussel on Channel Frederator and was blown away at the assymmetry and uniqueness of his characters. Also Scott McDonald is really talented designer who uses a strange and beautiful “snake-eyed” look to his characters. I saw his work on Channel Frederator too and thought it was cool with it’s old school, yet modern urban look and feel to it. Basically my designs I worked on today were hand sketched then inked with some great new pens I got that are very fluid and smooth. Then, of course colored it PS. I am going to show both before and after. I decided to take out the background on the first character to focus more on the character itself.